Want some Claudine Trillo?

January 17, 2007 update

So few Claudine Trillo photos on the internet. Only managed to snag 10 photos. If you have more, please do send them in.

January 14, 2007 update

You can catch Claudine on the Makisig Network – check with your cable operator for channel number. She hosts the show Living The Life. An hour of Claudine and Claudine only; oh, and the featured guest as well.

Original post

Claudine Trillo is one classy babe. Not only does she look classy, she really has the moolah to back it up with. Aside from being married to a Webb (Claudine Trillo-Webb) and acquiring a degree from Berkeley College in New York, she owns and self-manages a couple of restaurants and bars. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see much of her.

I know she hosts, or hosted, an ABS-CBN morning news show. I don’t see much of that either, it’s just too early. Luckily, the other day I was switching channels and decided to give our local networks a try. Ah, here’s a hot chick hosting a home TV shopping program. Wait! Is that Claudine Trillo? Yes it is.

Catch Claudine Trillo on ABC 5′s Venta 5 program that is aired Mondays to Saturdays starting at 10 in the morning. She hosts the segment “Kitchen Store” and “Pinovations” along with Heidi Santos (who is also hot by the way). And also, they have a couple of other interesting hosts as well including Patricia Bermudez-Hizon, Karen Agustin (Bb. Pilipinas), Adrienne Sarmiento (musician) and Chal Lontoc (Coke-ko-to fame).

Check out the profile of the hosts on the Venta 5 site (www.venta5.com). Claudine Trillo kind of looks like Camille Pratts in her photograph.

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  1. damon says:

    You ought to see Claude in person… already a walking talking reason to live in pix multiply that several time over and you’ll get an idea what drop dead gorgeous is. Drives like a man too. Could NOT keep up with her beamer. what a day that was. and just a while before thent, I wondered if i’d ever see her in the flesh.

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