Cristine Reyes FHM August 2007

Here’s the second installment of our August magazines series. Ara Mina’s baby sister, Cristine, making a name for herself among sexy stars. The magazine is priced at Php 125, with 168 pages. The issue also features Brenda Bustamante, Girlfriend of the month, Jennifer, model Cherry Ann Kubota, half-Italian Halley Chiappiazzi, Wowowee’s Luningning, student Risa Fukushima, surname-less Lisa & Denise, and the usual stuff including a feature on local rock icons. This issue is packed.

Cristine Reyes

One “issue” blown out of proportion on Cristine’s shoot is how she looks like Katrina Halili. It was even featured in the news. For me, her cover photo does resemble Katrina Halili but it ends there. But I’m guessing this (Katrina, Cristine) is one rivalry that will stand the test of time. She has a great body, I’m not really a fan of her look (just me), but the shoot turned out really well and now that the waiting is over (for her), I guess she has nothing to be ashamed of.

Final thoughts, notes and disclaimer

On the Wendy Valdez post, I mentioned that there was something I ranted about in this issue – which is why I said Maxim outdid FHM in August. The issue is great all in all but if you look at some of the photos, they are not that clear. I’m thinking it’s not an “effect” because the others were clear and crisp. Take a look at this for example, then compare it with this. I don’t think it’s “art” either, for me there’s just something wrong. But only for a couple of photos, the rest are great. They were taken by Mark Nicdao.

There are 13 pages of Cristine in this issue (including cover and contents page), I scanned 11. Again, this post is meant to help both Cristine and FHM in whatever way possible (no matter how small). Let’s support the publication by buying a copy of the magazine. Click on the picture below to view the scans.



8 Responses to “Cristine Reyes FHM August 2007”

  1. nhold says:

    ganda tlga nya kaya dami ngpapantasya

  2. jepoy says:

    hi ate cristine

    ang gnda ganda mo tlaga

    npaka sexy moh!!!

    i love you

  3. albert says:

    hello christine…
    i wnt to take u in my bed just for a while….
    mmmmmm….sarap moh kc ehhhhhhhh..

  4. karl says:

    hi cristine….. i just want to take u in my bed for a while ….” ur just so beautiful…srp mo cguro

  5. Lestat says:

    all of you guys such an idiot,. your mind has an dirty instinct
    to leave the fucking comment that all of you say “sarap mo kc”
    you all bastard, she doing that just for the job and nothing else

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  7. therese says:

    “hae poh ate christine..
    idol kita,,
    ganda muh kasi eh..

  8. aLdRiN_dAlAgAN says:

    hi ate cristine!!!!

    cAn I take yOu to My bEd fOr a WhIlE?

    aNd mAkE a fEw rOmAnCE?

    sexy mU kaSi!!!!

    sex tayu Ate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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