Marian Rivera’s first men’s magazine feature

Manual magazine, October 2007

Earlier at 24 Oras, a very anticipated Chika Minute news bit was for Marimar Philippines Marian Rivera’s first full feature, including cover, in a local men’s magazine. The only big surprise they had left for the actual chika was which men’s magazine was it for. It turned out to be Manual magazine, the lesser popular magazine which is not entirely full-on machismo when it comes to their photo shoots. I had hoped it was either FHM or Maxim, but I’m guessing Manual might have booked Mariam early on without even knowing she’d be blown out of proportion (popularity) because of Marimar.

The shoot has finished, there were snippets of her while she was posing so anyone who saw the news already has an idea of how “sexy” the feature will turn out. Not much skin I have to say. I’m thinking they will go along the lines of Angel Locsin’s FHM shoots – more classy sexy than almost-nude sexy. Plus, they interviewed the chief editor, RJ Ledesma, and he admits that Marian did not wear the usual skimpy outfits normally seen in other men’s magazines. He goes on by saying that “sexy” does not really mean nude, and in her feature, “sexy” means the way she projects herself in front of the lens and how she carries the clothes they chose for her.

Marian adds that there are other offers for her to pose in the other magazines. She said that it is only her first feature and she even said, “…gagawin ko po ‘yan,” when asked if we will still see more of her in sexy pictorials. Watch out for Marian’s Manual photos in October, I’ll be sure to grab one as soon as it hits the newsstands.


16 Responses to “Marian Rivera’s first men’s magazine feature”

  1. jerlyn says:

    hi alam m ang ganda ganda m tlga super idol kta ate marian ………….

  2. divina says:

    hi ang ganda ganda mo talaga marimar !!!!!!!!

  3. goms says:

    Mukhang gurang…tuyot at walang appeal na mestizang hilaw! October 2007 issue pa pala yan? meron pa dito sa palengke..nangitim sa alikabok..nilangaw yata…awoooooooo!!!!!

  4. ate marian you are so beautiful you know what idol na idol ka ng kaklase ko gustong gusto kang makita sa personal siyempre ako rin because your so beautiful talo mo si angle locsin sa kagandahan talo mo na siya………..

  5. alam mo ba idol na idol kita……kaya la tayong magagawa hanggang idol lang talaga kung pwede palang kitang makita in person….hehehehe….how i wish…alam mo crush kitang talaga…

  6. jing says:

    you know marian your so beautiful…sna sumikat kpa.

  7. jing says:

    ..alam mo ang dmi mong fans at isa na ako don..keep up the good work

  8. rhea says:

    …i like you soo much

  9. rhea says:

    …you know i like the way you are….

  10. nher says:

    idol ko talaga c marian ganda..solid proud to be KAPUSO wahehe..
    more power to your career MARian..

  11. nher says:

    idol kita talaga marian!!

  12. jona says:

    marian sana sumikat kapa

  13. bomboklat says:

    you are the best… sensational…magnificent….

  14. Boy Ingget says:


    Ligaw-tingin, k>ntot-hangin. Malas ko, swerte bf mo. Tatanda ka rin pati bf mo maghahanap-bata rin. Saklap ng buhay, enjoy your beauty while young because that’s all there is to life, which we ugly guys never had.

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