Francine Prieto for Maxim September 2007

Sorry, no scans here

Two magazines I’m excited about this month – FHM’s Michelle Madrigal issue and UNO’s Bianca King issue. I am still waiting for UNO’s release. I had no news about Maxim’s September cover until I bought my September FHM. Francine Prieto. Why? And, to quote my companion at that time, “She looks like a prostitute,” talking about her cover photo. The spread starts from her cleavage upward – it (cleavage) occupies half of the cover. I’m trying to look for an online copy, so you’d understand what I’m talking about, but Maxim’s site is down for some reason.

Then I remember why I was not looking forward to Maxim’s September issue. It has been rumored that Saicy Aguila will grace the September cover, sorry but I’m not familiar with her, I only know she’s a dancer. I guess for me Francine is a bit old news. Nothing really exciting now that we’ve already seen her everywhere before. She’s hot don’t get me wrong, but there’s just no buzz surrounding this issue. I’m not planning to buy the magazine but if you want to share the scans just send them over.

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