EB Babe Mae dela Cerna suffers first-degree burns

After man throws coffee on her

Yeah, well… From reports: EB Babes Mary Mae dela Cerna, Saida Diola and Rose Ann Boleche figured in a scuffle last night at a coffee shop in Greenhills, apparently after they cut a couple in line. Once again, I’m sure you’ve heard this all over the news so I’ll just compile some interesting quotes (of the EB Babes and the accused) from various sources.

“Hindi kami sumingit sa pila.” – Mae (pep.ph)

“Bahala po sila, bahala na po sila sa gusto nila.” – Saida (pep.ph)

“Sabi nila wala daw kaming mga breeding!” – Mae (abs-cbnnews.com)

“I told them, ‘Excuse me, the line is at the other end.’ And then they said, ‘Stupid,’” – The Accused (abs-cbnnews.com)

“Mahiya-hiya naman siya. Ang laki-laki niyang tao, tapos ginanon niya kami.” – Saida (abs-cbnnews.com)

“…pokpok, bobo, social climber…” – The Accused (abante.com.ph)

“…stupid fucker…” – EB Babes (abante.com.ph)

So I guess now we all know the moral of this story – people with proper breeding do not figure in coffee-house scuffles.

6 Responses to “EB Babe Mae dela Cerna suffers first-degree burns”

  1. Diana says:

    Why did the guy throw the coffee on her?

  2. damdeokv says:

    tae naman mga yan inggit lang yan mga yan?mga ungas mag isip

  3. damdeokv says:

    sira ulo naman yung nagbuhos ng kape kay mae tae siya kapag nkita ko yun yari sakin yun taga tondo ako tapos sakin yung lalaki na yan

  4. khaila says:

    mae ang ganda mo talaga I LOVE you

  5. Ana says:

    The EB babes are so full of shit. They are all liars who don’t have breeding. Mga walang pinag-aralan at walang modo. Pati matanda pinatulan at binastos nila. No wonder they have to dance and make landi on TV just to earn money. I pity those poor girls and the people who support them.

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